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Tsingtao premium beer

Good things never change. Since 1903 Tsingtao has been produced with the same process taken to Quingdao, China more than a century ago by German and English immigrants. Brewmasters continue to use the best ingredients from around the world, but what makes Tsingtao so fresh is its origin; The water comes from the mineral source of Laoshan, the same place that Taoism was born centuries ago.


Tsingtao Lager offers a fresh and refreshing taste with a sweet nutty taste.


Some data:


  • Tsingtao is available in all Disco, Devoto and Geant supermarkets.

  • Tsingtao's first cup was served in 1904, during a Kung-Fu fight.

  • Tsingtao began exporting in 1954. In 1972 he arrived in the United States. In 2014 to Uruguay.

  • Tsingtao is today the second best selling beer in the world.

  • We all know that China produces many things, but did you know that Tsingtao is the main Chinese product sold in the United States?


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