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Tony's Chocolonely

The Chocolate that makes the difference

Tony's Chocolonely is much more than a chocolate brand. It is a bold and passionate move for change in the cocoa industry.


With a clear mission to end child slavery and forced labor on cocoa farms, Tony's Chocolonely stands out as a market leader in ethical and sustainable chocolates.

Each chocolate bar is made with the best ingredients. With a wide range of tempting flavors, from classic milk chocolate to innovative salted caramel and almond combinations, Tony's Chocolonely has something to satisfy every craving.

But what really sets this great brand apart is its commitment to fairness and transparency throughout its supply chain. From responsible cocoa cultivation to fair working conditions for farmers. 


Tony's is leading the way towards a more ethical and sustainable future for the chocolate industry. By choosing Tony's, you are not only enjoying exceptional chocolate, you are also contributing to a better, fairer world for everyone. 

Join the movement and do your part to create positive change with every bite of Tony's Chocolonely chocolate.


If you are a final consumer and want to receive this delicious chocolate at home, you can click on the following button.  

Learn more about Tony's in the following video

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