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Grappamiel Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra is a winery spirit & honey made in a natural environment of vineyards. From tannat grape marc, double distilled in old copper and wood fuel stills, continues the tradition of an Italian ancient and reserved recipe (we could tell you more, but then we would have to kill you), whose quality is monitored by the standards and knowledge of our time.

Roses have always been charged with mystical symbolism, linked to everything that’s sacred. Centuries ago, placing one on the table indicated that the issues to be discussed should be kept secret.
Black roses, specially, belong to a world of dream and legend. Frequently referred to in literature, they have been sought throughout history by alchemists and mysterious pilgrims alike.
Today, the black rose has become a symbol for the rebellious, non-conformist and free spirit of women and men who oppose the status quo.

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