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Flores Vermouth

Flores is a family of vermouth based on Tannat wine with which the Rojo and Rosado varieties are developed, and Albariño wine for the Flores Blanco Vermouth variety. They are made in small batches and spiced with a selection of botanical and flower infusions that we can't tell you anything about unless you keep scrolling down.


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More info about Flowers
Vermouth, Vermú or Vermouth (since it accepts all its denominations) is a wine spiced with botanicals, sweetened and enriched with alcohol. And Vermouth Flores is no exception. But unlike most of its peers, which usually use a neutral and generally white wine for their production, Vermut Flores Rojo and Vermut Flores Rosado are made from Tannat wine, the flag strain of Uruguay, just as Vermut Flores Blanco is made from an expressive Albariño wine, a white variety with which Uruguay began to establish itself as an international benchmark for this variety.

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