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Uruguayan craft beer Rocco Beer

Our motorcycle dog Rocco is born on a beautiful winter morning on June 27, 2017. That same day, the Golden, put on his leather jacket and undertook a tour of the beautiful streets of our beloved country. A few days later, the mustache, settled in many of the best bars, pubs, breweries, supermarkets and shops in Uruguay eager to meet them and listen to their fun and exciting stories.


Rocco Beer is a 100% Uruguayan Artisan beer produced with seriousness and stability, complying with all the necessary standards and processes so that our faithful beer consumers enjoy a beer with character and honesty that identifies with you. Our competitive strategy allows us to differentiate ourselves through an original, modern product and above all for its high quality. Listening to and understanding our customers is the great virtue we have for the constant improvement of the products we offer.

Our image is associated with animals that were previously carefully selected for the values ​​they transmit which identify with the culture of our company. In the description of each style we detail the reason for the selected animal.


Rocco arises from a concern to meet the proposed objectives and a need to undertake challenging projects but in turn decontracted and fun.

Golden Ale:


Crystalline blond beer, low alcoholic graduation, Golden style. Golden color and fruity aroma with citrus notes. Malt flavor balanced by the bitter touch of hops highlighting a citrus finish that makes it very refreshing and pleasant to the palate.

IPA Phant:

Strong beer, high alcohol content and fermentation, Ale style. Amber color and citrus and fruity aroma, fresh by default, extra hopped. It has a certain level of bitterness that is finely combined with the delicate notes of malt captivating the irresistible attraction of our loyal brewers.


We call it IPA PHANT for being a strong beer, with personality, friendly on the outside but aggressive inside, exuding confidence and tranquility just like an elephant.


Red Chimp:

Red beer, light, low alcohol content. Maltose and balanced, amber color. It has a certain level of bitterness that is finely combined with delicate caramel notes.

We created our CHIMP NETWORK thinking of a beer for intelligent and fun people, inspired by a chimpanzee, since it represents both competitions. It is an animal very respected for its strength and size, but in turn very dear to its pious personality and its adventurous being. Rocco RED CHIMP is a beer with body and personality distinguishable among the rest of the styles.


American Bald Eagle (APA):

American version of an originally British beer. Medium strong beer, high and fast fermentation, Ale style. Flamboyant aged copper color with bold floral and fruity aromas that stand out due to its expressive juxtaposition of hops. Good balance of caramel malt with medium body, creamy white foam and a slightly bitter finish.

This powerful American eagle selected Uruguay on its migration route. From the United States, the wild fish hunter has been traveling at admirable speeds to our destination to land hard just as it does when it attacks its prey with its robust claws on the surface of the sea. We choose this brilliant animal for its envious skills that give it greater advantage over its competitors as well as the liquid you are about to try.

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